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School and Day Care Cleaning Services From Professionals Who Care

When you have been entrusted with the care and education of the most vulnerable members of society, you want to be sure you provide a safe and clean environment for them. Schools and day cares are places that support growth and development, teach invaluable lessons and life skills and foster curiosity and creativity. They are also environments that are conducive to the spread of illnesses.

In the classroom, children work in close quarters, sharing equipment, toys and facilities, which means they also share pathogens. The health and safety of your students and charges depend upon the quality of the school and day care cleaning services you receive. When you enlist the services of The Kleaning Kompany, you can count on us for spotless and germ-free results. We develop an individual cleaning plan for each customer, and we will create a schedule that meets your needs.

Trusted Professionals

Whether your facility is a day care, K-12 school or a university setting, you need janitorial services you can trust. At The Kleaning Kompany, all of our employees are trained in current industry techniques and technologies. They are experts in the requirements of the settings we serve. When our crews enter your school or day care, they understand the needs that are unique to these environments.

Not only do our crews receive in-depth training, but they are also screened prior to employment. You can rest assured that our teams are trustworthy, reliable and professional. All of our crew members are provided with easily identifiable uniforms and badges, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing who is in your building.

Incomparable Quality

The Kleaning Kompany provides school and day care cleaning services of incomparable quality. We help you create the type of environment kids of all ages learn best in, one that is spotless and germ-free. We take pride in the work we do, and our first priority is your satisfaction. From the dirtiest bathrooms to the stickiest tabletops and everything in between, we clean them all.

Safe Sanitization

At The Kleaning Kompany, we use products that are both safe and effective. Our cleaners are nontoxic, so you don’t have to worry about their use on toys or high-touch surfaces. They also remove nearly 100% of the pathogens that lead to illness. We pay careful attention to those high-traffic areas, such as the restrooms, and to surfaces and objects that are frequently handled or used, like the water fountains and faucet handles.

Detailed Cleaning

The spaces children share get dirty easily, which means that they provide great environments for bacteria to thrive. We use microfiber cloths because they are better at collecting more dirt, dust and bacteria. The Kleaning Kompany crews also use professional vacuums with HEPA filters to help remove microbes from the air. Each type of school or facility has its own special set of requirements based on the age and activities of those enrolled, and our detailed cleaning plans are tailored to meet those needs.

A Cleaning Service You Can Depend On

The Kleaning Kompany offers dependable and reliable school and day care cleaning services from professionals you can trust. Contact us today at (888)395-0280 to find out how we can help you provide an environment where your students can thrive.